Well, it appears I am going to join the hipper side of my generation and become one of the League of the Divorced.

Of all the emotions to feel over that I seem to be stuck with feeling defeated. It is an odd sensation.

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I had a major kiln scare yesterday.

Sunday I set my kiln to fire to about 1850 F. I went in Monday early and it was at 1374. I found that odd, as I thought it should have cooled more but I suck with time so I blew it off. I came in Tuesday morning to a kiln that was still 1374!!

Nothing would keep it from ramping to that temp except killing the electric.

After some frantic discussions with some suppliers waiting for the factory to open on the west coast I was very worried. They wanted to sell me very expensive parts that would take weeks to arrive. When the factory finally opened I got Perry on the phone (the guy who I believe designed my kiln at Skutt) and he said I just had a bad relay. His explanation makes no sense to me but he has always been right in the past.

$66 for relay switches beats $600 for replacement parts that takes weeks to arrive any day but it is especially good this close to Christmas!

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I THOUGHT a lot of people were just Harmlessly asking me what the dog in my window was saying.

I THOUGHT it was a little strange that so many people had never seen *&$#@*! as a comic substitute for cursing.

I THOUGHT that with the *&$#@*! encased in a word balloon coming from the dog’s mouth and the words "Cursing Dog Studio" over top of it the answers would be obvious.

It turns out what was happening was a concerted effort to get me to change the name of my studio. Seems a sizable majority of the town finds Cursing Dog Studio to be far too risqué for a small town in southern WV. Instead of anyone mentioning it directly old folks and young alike kept coming by and (supposedly) slyly asking, "Just what is that dog saying anyway?"

I would always point out that he is saying the same thing Yosemite Sam always says- "Rickem rack frick frackem"

Noone got it.

Finally a neighbor and friend pointed out exactly why I am having so many problems in this little burg. It seems that I was disincluded from the home tour and the group planning y the businesses for the parade because of the name of my business. Folks just don't want to associate with someone who uses the word "Cursing." It was (strongly) suggested that I come up with something "snazzy" like "Millionaire Pottery" or just a damned dollar sign to represent my studio as to mollify the locals.


So, rather than rock the boat, spit on people or go on a small arms rampage I have changed the name and logo of my studio. I just finished painting the window earlier this evening.

I am now the less-than-proud owner of "Coal Miner's Potter"

Lame, huh?

Bank Bullshit

BB&T, who I just opened a bank account with, has made the judgement that noone can make a deposit to a gambling website form their bank.

BB&T has decided that buying a gun to shoot my neighbor is just fine. BB&T thinks purchasing porn for the minors down the street is perfectly alright. BB&T has put the world on notice that paying a hooker is peachy keen as long as you do not gamble while you do it.

Can anyone defend this? Since when do banks decide how I can spend my money?

Mind you, this is not a credit transaction. This is a debit transaction. If you ask them why they will point out that they do not allow gambling.

BB&T Phone Rep- "Hello, how can we help you?"

Me- "Hi, I had a little trouble with my new debit card. I tried to make a deposit at Pokerroom.com and-"

BB&T PR (interrupting) "We do not allow gambling with our money sir."

Me- "Well, it sin't exactly your money. It is mine. You see, it isn't a credit charge, it is form my bank acc-"

BB&T PR- (interrupting)"Sir, it does not matter, we do not allow money from our accounts to go to gambling."

Me- "Well, would you allow me to buy a lottery ticket?"

BB&T PR- "Sir, you should know I voted against the lottery."

Me- "That is all well and good but it doesn't answer my question."

BB&T PR- "Well, you will ahve to ask your question again, sir, I am sorry."

Me- "My question is- Why can I not spend my money at my favorite poker site? It seems to me-

BB&T PR (interrupting) "Sir we don't allow that type of activity."

Me- "Yes, I understand. But my question still stands. Why?"

BB&T PR- "Because we do not allow that type of activity."

Me- "See, that isn't an answer. That is just restating the problem."

BB&T PR- "What is it you want an answer to sir?"

Me- "I would like to know why it ia that-"

BB&T PR (interrupting)"Sir, we do not support that kind of activity. You have to understand that."

On and on.

Fuck them all.

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  We take frequent walks with our neighbors at night. They have a Collie and a Bassett Hound, we have Arlo(see below), an Australian Shepherd and a Basset. They also have three daughters aged 15 years, 13 years and 14 months.

 About halfway through the walk I ended up carrying their 14 month old. She is cute as the dickens and sweet as can be. She INSISTS on having a dog leash when we go walking. She ends up holding a dog leash and someone else holds it closer to the dog so that no dog takes off and throws her off her feet. It is, as stated earlier, as cute as can possibly be.

 So anyway, I was carrying her in front of me, with her facing forward and holding on to Arlo's leash. WAY up on the hill above us a big dog snarled and growled from behind a fence. I looked up and in that moment my right foot stuck. It just wouldn't move forward. Then Arlo pulled forward quickly and Anna did not let loose his leash causing her to spring forward from my hands despite the fact that I thought i had a pretty darned good grip on her.

 I lunged forward in the darkness and caught her sweater by the back tail and swung her back towards me as I felt the vibration that was her skull grinding on the pavement. Not a slam, not a bang, but a definite grind/scrape.

 I barely had her bakc to my arms and didn't have her back upright yet and her dad was on us and took her tightly in his arms with that VERY worried father look as she started crying.He took her up and put her in the floodlight that lights the church to check her head and had her walk some to assure himself she was alright. You could actually see his emotions clearly fluctuate between "You dropped my baby!" and "Wow! You caught my baby!"

 Two nights in a row now I have had dreams of that feeling of me stopping as she flung forwards out of my arms. I never need that one again.



 Oh, as promised, here is Arlo.




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Big news as of yesterday.

One of my pots will be taken to DC on the 5th and given to First Lady Laura Bush as a gift. My first pot in the White House, I am just dyin'!

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I haven't posted here a bit because I have been pretty close to seething. I am trying to buy a few buildings downtown and the asshat fuckwit piece of rat shit I am buying them from is evidently in the hoop manufacturing business. This smegma breathed excuse for a hemmhoroid is just about to get on my last little nerve. I have met every condition his demented little fecal lump of a brain can come up with and he just keeps adding them on.

So, as this malfunctioning wet-dream of a human being was adding on even more layers of crusty shit this morning I just hung up on him.

And he called me back and I hung up on him.

And he calle dback and was much easier to deal with.

Maybe I should try punching?

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 I may cry...


Ex-Governor Elected to Afghan Parliament

Tuesday October 18, 2005 5:01 PM


Associated Press Writer

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -A former regional governor who oversaw the destruction of two massive 1,500-year-old Buddha statues during the Taliban's reign was elected to the Afghan parliament last monthofficials said Tuesday as results from two provinces were finalized.

Elsewhere, U.S.-led coalition forces killed four police officers after mistaking them for militants during an operation in the southern province of Kandahar, provincial Gov. Asadullah Khalid said. The coalition said it could not confirm the shootings and was investigating.

Mawlawi Mohammed Islam Mohammadi, who was the Taliban's governor of Bamiyan province when the fifth-century Buddha statues were blown up with dynamite and artillery in March 2001, was chosen to represent the neighboring province of Samangan, according to results posted by the U.N.-Afghan election organizers. Election law did not bar former Taliban officials from participating in the Sept. 18 polls.

International outcry followed the destruction of the giant Buddhas, which were chiseled into a cliff and famed for their size and location along the ancient Silk Road linking Europe and Central Asia. Archaeologists in Bamiyan have been painstakingly collecting the stone remains of the two statues - the largest of which was 174 feet high - and are considering rebuilding them.

Mohammadi told The Associated Press he should not be held responsible for the destruction of the statues, which the Taliban considered to be idolatrous and anti-Muslim.

``It was not my decision. It was foreigners like Chechens and Arabs with the Taliban who made the decision. They were crazy people,'' he said in a telephone interview, pointing to the influence of foreign Islamic extremists over the hard-line regime. ``Even though I was governor, I had no power.''

Mohammadi fled to the country's north and was never detained after U.S.-led forces ousted the fundamentalist regime in late 2001.

Samangan province also is home to some artifacts, including Buddhist stupas and the remains of a 1,000-year-old monastery. Mohammadi promised to ``do everything I can to protect them.''

Provisional results from the landmark elections have been published for several regions, but tallies from only four provinces have been finalized, including Samangan and nearby Kapisa province on Tuesday. Three former warlords still suspected of having ties to armed groups also were declared winners in those areas.

Human rights activists say many of the winning candidates are regional strongmen linked to armed groups, raising fears of more violence.

``Many of the winners are linked to armed groups or drugs,'' said Ahmad Fahim Hakim, deputy director of the state-sponsored Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, referring to a booming trade in heroin and opium.

``The number of elected lawmakers who are honest and interested in reform may be tiny compared to the regional strongmen who are only interested in themselves.''

In the latest bloodshed, Kandahar's governor said U.S.-led coalition troops opened fire at police in the province's Maywand district late Monday after spotting the officers firing their weapons into the air and mistaking them for Taliban rebels.

U.S. military spokeswoman Sgt. Marina Evans said investigators were looking into the shooting, but she could not confirm it involved coalition forces.

A bomb also exploded on a main road in the south and killed an Afghan guard working for an American security company and wounded two others, Khalid said.

Fighting has escalated in Afghanistan in the past six months, leaving more than 1,400 people dead and raising fears for the country's nascent democracy.



 I guess if they coldn't find a bigger dickwad....